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Untitled_Artwork 50.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 50.jpg

You’d better believe her...

Princess Lorne, thought dead for many years, reappears in her own tomb out of thin air. From beyond time and space, she brings back a terrible vision: Atar—her planet’s sun—is going to be swallowed by darkness, and her world will suffer an apocalypse that will turn it into an airless, lifeless rock.

As a princess, getting the world’s attention to warn them of the coming threat is easy. The problem is that even entertaining the idea of Atar dying is the worst form of heresy one could commit. Any commoner in her position would be executed. Her family urges her to silence, but the all-consuming anxiety from the vision burns inside her mind, and she warns the world anyway.

She is arrested and humiliated, even as the evidence supporting her claims becomes completely irrefutable. Gradually, she comes to realize that reason alone will not save them. If she is to get the world to heed her warnings, Lorne must become someone she never wanted to be: the bringer of fear.

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Untitled_Artwork 50.jpg

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