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Writing Projects


In Progress:

Vision of the Veil--my debut novel!

Princess Lorne returns from death, having seen a vision of the apocalypse via her planet’s sun going out. Simultaneously, an astronomical phenomenon called the Veil is causing galaxies to disappear, each one closer than the last. As Lorne tries to warn of the sun being devoured, her family, which leads a sun-worshiping empire, labels her a heretic and exiles her. Cast out into the depths of space, Lorne must become a villain to scare the people into listening to her.


Vision of the Veil sequel

If you've read VotV, it should be evident that it's not a one-off. I want to go bigger next time--Lord of the Rings bigger!

Earthquake Planet

Novel about a planet ravaged by earthquakes.

Supersonic book

Novel about running from a secret government agency in their own top-secret military spaceplane. Unsure how far I want to take this project, as it may lead to me losing any security clearances,,,

Conan the Conqueror screenplay

I'm a big fan of the Conan movies with Arnold. I think, while he's not unable-to-walk levels of old, he should go for an awesome Conan legacy sequel. Turns out the only Conan novel Robert E. Howard ever wrote is about an older King Conan. You dig?

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